At Mitchell & Jewell, we guarantee fine quality, superior craftsmanship, and lasting value. The genuine diamonds in our jewellery have been carefully inspected and tested for quality, colour, cut, and brilliance to ensure that every diamond meets the rigid standards as prescribed by the company for your value and protection.

Mitchell & Jewell belongs to Digem, which is an organization of over 50 independently owned jewellery stores that adhere to a strict code of ethics. The owner, while being able to utilize the collective advantages of the total Digem organization, runs each store. Individually they offer reliable and personal service you’d expect from a local store you know and trust. It means on thing… superior shopping for you from Digem and the number one independent jewellery organization.


Your diamond is mounted by skilled artisans who are experts in their crafts. Mitchell & Jewell will replace any diamonds lost from your jewellery during the first six years of ownership due to any imperfections in the mounting without charge, provided this item has not been repaired or worked on by any other firm or individual. Normal wearing conditions are excluded.

We guarantee that the precious metals used in manufacturing of the jewellery comform in every way to the Precious Metal Marking Act of the Dominion of Canada.

Life Time Cleaning and Checking

It will be our pleasure to clean and inspect you jewellery purchase without charge at any time. A condition of this guarantee requires a documented inspection every six months.

Life Time Trade-Up Plan

At any time you decide to trade up your Mitchell & Jewell Diamond jewellery for one of greater value (minimum double) we will gladly complete the new transaction and allow you your original purchase price towards your new selection (taxes excluded – the original certificate must be presented with your trade-in. This policy will not apply if any of the gems are damaged in any way and will apply only to the original owner).

It is Further Guaranteed Against Loss, Theft or Damage

Your Mitchell & Jewell Diamond Jewellery is covered free of charge for one full year from date of purchase protecting you against loss, theft or damage. In the event of loss, theft or damage we guarantee replacement provided such loss is not the result of negligence on your part. The loss or suspected theft must be reported to the local police immediately and a detailed report must be filed with our company.